Mission Statement

The mission of the Good Shepherd Preschool is to provide a preschool setting in which children can experience the love of Jesus and discover their own God-given abilities and worth. We seek to help children bridge the gap between home and a more formal educational routine by addressing their spiritual, emotional, social, mental and physical needs in a comprehensive, non-pressured, flexible atmosphere. This will be accomplished through a variety of activities.

We are open to any child, regardless of race, creed or religion. Although Bible stories, songs and verses will be included in our curriculum and Christian teachers will staff the school, no attempt will be made to prejudice a child against the faith of his/her parents.


Our Goals

  1. To develop knowledge of who God is and how He shows His love and care.
  2. To help children develop a positive self-image.
  3. To help expand human relationships and to interact with others.
  4. To teach the importance of personal hygiene and physical fitness.
  5. To teach readiness skills in language arts, math and science.

Our Objectives

  1. Sing songs, recite verses (with a group and/or alone) and tell how God shows His love and care for them and others; demonstrate love for others through obedience.
  2. Discover their talents and abilities; take pride in their work and accomplishments.
  3. Play well both independently and with others.
  4. Demonstrate cleanliness; tell what foods and activities develop healthy bodies.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of Preschool readiness skills.