General Information and/or Procedures

Field Trips will be held occasionally to enrich our program. All transportation will be provided by parents/guardians unless we have a walking trip. Teachers are not permitted to transport students. A separate permission slip will be required for each activity; children who do not turn in the slip by the day of the trip will not be permitted to go.

Parties will be held at the end of October (Fall Fest), in November (our “Feast”), in December for Christmas, February for Valentine’s Day, Easter (month varies by year) as well as individual birthday celebrations. Children whose birthdays fall during the summer months will provide the party treats for a Birthday Bash which is held to celebrate their special day. Parents are encouraged to sign up to help and provide refreshments for any or all parties.

Special Days for the family’s enjoyment will be held throughout the year. This includes a time for grandparents, fathers and mothers to have quality time with us.

Programs will be presented to honor the child’s parent (or a special man and woman in the child’s life). We also present a program to honor our Savior’s birth and Christmas and a Graduation for those children being promoted or going to Kindergarten. A Sunday in April is reserved for the church to welcome you and your children; the children do prepare a brief program for that morning.

Potty-Trained Children

We realize that young children will occasionally have an accident. However, when a child is not potty-trained and needs to be changed almost daily, it causes a problem for the other children, the teachers and the assistants.

Therefore, please note that we will not change pull-ups, diapers, or underpants, unless the child has an accident due to illness or excitement. By signing the Parent Acknowledgement Statement on the back of the handbook, you are giving permission to the staff of the Preschool to change your child in an emergency situation.

If a child has a bowel movement accident, a call will be placed to you to come and change your child. If there are continuous occurrences, the child will be asked to leave Preschool until he/she is completely potty-trained.